Five Things That Can Ruin Any NYC Relationship

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Five Things That Can Ruin Any NYC Relationship

Falling in love with a New Yorker can be one of the best things you’ll ever do, but it’s not guaranteed to work out. If your relationship fails, it’s probably for one of these reasons:


1. The Commute

NYC is a big place. Two people can live in the same city and live an hour or more away from each other. If you not only have to commute to work, but you also have to commute to see your significant other, it could put serious strains on the relationship.


2. Sharing A Cramped Space


If, on the other hand, you live with your significant other, you might deal with conflicts that weren’t a problem when you lived separately. In a tiny one bedroom apartment, there isn’t much room to get your own space. You might start arguing about things like doing dishes, cleaning, and the general lack of fresh air.


3. Too Much Drinking/Partying/Philandering

party all night

It’s New York, and things get crazy. One or both people can realize pretty soon that they’d rather go out and let loose than settle in and commit.


4. Working On Different Schedules

If you’re a nine to fiver who works in Midtown or FiDi and your significant other is an artist who works nights and weekends, you’re going to be stressed out trying to make time for each other. This isn’t to say that opposites can’t attract, but in this crazy city, it’s best to have at least some overlap in your work schedules.


5. Wanting To Leave The City

[Runs With Scissors/Flickr]
[Runs With Scissors/Flickr]
One person eventually wants to get out, one person wants to stay forever. It’s a conflict that you can’t overcome, so you break up even though a move might not be imminent.


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