Why Did The FDNY Say “No” To Imagery Of Donald Trump?

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Why Did The FDNY Say “No” To Imagery Of Donald Trump?

If you’re a NYC firefighter and you want to express your enthusiasm for Donald Trump… well you’ll just have to do it when you’re not at work. The city’s firefighters have been told not to display political imaginary by department bosses:


So does that mean no more pictures of the president-elect in firehouses? It would apear so.

One Brooklyn fire truck in Brooklyn attracted complaints from New Yorkers by having a Donald Trump mask attached to the front of the vehicle. Department Bosses mentioned the mask in a memo to fire stations, telling firefighters that political materials are “not in compliance with Regs.”

In a report from NY1, the FDNY insisted that the policy is not aimed at the President-elect exclusively, but many firefighters are left with the feeling that Donald Trump isn’t welcome in their stations.

What do you think? Should the fire department should be apolitical, or should firefighters be able to express their political views without fear of retribution. Let us know in the comments.

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