Everything You Need To Do To Get Ready For The Taylor Swift Concert

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Everything You Need To Do To Get Ready For The Taylor Swift Concert


We are so pumped to see Taylor Swift at MetLife this Saturday!!! Here’s everything you need to check off your list before you go:


1. Pick out your outfit

We recommend dressing up like a hipster. Or get that red-lipped classic look going. Or wear a dress, and make your boyfriend where a dark gray T-shirt.


2. Brush up on Taylor’s discography

taylor swift red

You know all the words to Style and Blank Space and Bad Blood. But you can bet that T-Swizzy will toss in some throwbacks. Take a listen to Red, and even better, Speak Now and Fearless.


3. Prepare all social media

social media

You’ll want to have your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all synced up so you can post your updates to all three at once. Figure out what the official hashtag for the concert is. But also write some of your own, like #taylorswiftisthebomb and #shenevergoesoutofstyle.


4. Practice your crowdsurfing skills

[Ralph Arvesen]
[Ralph Arvesen]
Hopefully one of your friends was a cheerleader in high school. It will make the initial lift much easier.


5. Arrange transportation

[Ray Forster]
[Ray Forster]
If you haven’t figured out how you’re getting to MetLife yet, Fever has you covered. You can buy a ticket for a round trip bus ride from Union Square, which includes champagne and mimosas on the way. Have fun and stay safe!


We’ll see you there!

taylor swift shaking