Everything You Need To Know About The “All Seeing Trump” Machines In NYC

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Everything You Need To Know About The “All Seeing Trump” Machines In NYC

An animatronic fortune-telling “All Seeing Trump” (ala Zoltar from the Tom Hanks Movie “Big”) appeared on the streets of New York City Tuesday. While the city theory-crafts as to where these machines came from, here comes SecretNYC to tell you everything you need to know:

  • According to Gothamist, All-Seeing Trump was first seen in front of Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on October 9, a day before the casino would announce it’s closure.
  • Everyone from Banksy to the Naked Trump statue creators have been attributed to the stunt. Time.com reports that the actual creators of the “All Seeing Trump” machines wish to remain anonymous.
  • Comedian Anthony Atamanuik voices the animatronic Trump. The creators of the machine told Time:
    “there is no better impersonator I’m aware of, and it was vitally important to us to get every detail right.”
  • The creators “All Seeing Trump” told time.com that the machines have been placed at locations that are “contextually relevant to Trump’s policies and the “misfortunes” the machine doles out.” So far these include:
    • A street corner in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
    • Planned Parenthood
    • the New York Times
    • Fox News
    • Trump Tower
    • A Queens mosque
    • Acapulco Restaurant & Deli
  • Police reportedly turned off the sound of the installation outside Trump Tower.
  • Twitter account called @AllSeeingTrump was created back in August and seems linked to the stunt.
  • The website www.allseeingtrump.com appears to show the Machines current location in NYC. The site also highlights this video:

We’ll keep you posted of any new information int he future. Until then, brows the video footage of the elaborate machines in the videos below:


There is a Trump fortune teller machine in front of the News Corp building…

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