Why The “New York Wheel” Will Be One Of The Worlds Landmark Attractions

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Building has begun on the New York Wheel, Staten Island’s gigantic Ferris wheel located in St. George on the New York Harbor. When completed, the wheel will reach a height of 630 feet (with a diameter of 600ft) and will be second only to the wheel currently under construction in Dubai (689 ft when completed).

The wheel will contain a massive 6,000 tons of steel when completed, and will accommodate 1,440 people per ride. It will take 38 minutes to ride one of the 36 climate controlled capsules from beginning to end giving passengers an unprecedented view of the city.

New York Wheel promises to become one of the NYC’s, and the world’s, landmark attractions. It’s estimated 6,000 people will visit Staten Island to ride the New York Wheel each day when it is scheduled to open in April 2018.

Want to see how construction on NYC’s newest attraction is coming? The entire project is being live streamed 24 hours a day, check it out HERE.

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