Everything You Need To Know About The Naked Guy In Times Square

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Everything You Need To Know About The Naked Guy In Times Square

Just in case you were wondering if the hot/crazy scale applied to men, yesterday morning Times Square gave you the answer:


By now you’ve probably heard about the naked guy who took over Times Square yesterday… but who was he? What were his motivations?

Krit McClean is a GQ model, ivy league student, and according to friends, a typically mild mannered man. The strange behavior began at 7:30am after an uncharacteristic verbal confrontation with the doorman at his parents home.

The Manhattan resident began taking off his clothes at 45th St., throwing them at women as they passed by before he eventually arriving at the TKTS booth at w. 47th St. where the standoff with police really began.

“Donald Trump! […] Where are you?” screamed the model, spitting, hitting and giving the finger to the police officers trying to talk him down. During the 50 minute standoff with police McClean was also seen doing calisthenics and dancing (our favorite was “the worm”… the dance, not the body part!).

Surreal as it may seam as all this drama/comedy ensued above their heads, tourists queued below for discount Broadway tickets… clearly the best show in town was happening for free right above them.

The situation came to ahead when the Ivy-leaguer jumped from the top of the booth, missing the air bag placed on the ground by police, and breaking his arm. All while his poor girlfriend stood crying hysterically nearby.

When released from hospital, McClean will face charges of indecent exposure.

You can watch the entire encounter in the video below.


Featured image source: [nydailynews]

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