Everything You Need To Know About The Creepy Clowns Stalking NYC

Rob Grams Rob Grams

Everything You Need To Know About The Creepy Clowns Stalking NYC

What started as a few troubling reports of “creepy clown” sightings in South Carolina, where men dressed as clowns attempted to lure children into the woods, has spread through the country. The unexplained phenomena has stretched as far west as Idaho and all the way up the east coast.

Inevitably, clown threats have appeared on social media in the New York City area. Before you pack up and move to the east coast, after an investigation by the NYPD’s threat analysis unit, police say there’s nothing to fear.

During a crime briefing at police headquarters, NYPD Deputy Counterterrorism Commissioner John Miller said:

“I guess our main message is: ‘Don’t believe the hype and don’t be afraid of the clowns, […] We’ve drilled down this in New York as we’ve had different Facebook threats…different online threats. So far we’ve found none of these to be credible,”

Up to now the “Creepy Clown” epidemic has reached 20 states but report state that they’ve been around since 1981 and the number of threats generally around Halloween every year.

So, for now at least, there is nothing to fear, but to be on the safe side heed this warning from the NYPD on Monday:

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