Enjoy A Festive Dinner In The Dark At This Sensory Christmas Experience

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole

Enjoy A Festive Dinner In The Dark At This Sensory Christmas Experience

If there’s ever a time to appreciate food with more intensity, it’s Christmas. 

We can all appreciate the atmospheric experience of dining by candlelight, but why not take it a step further and dine entirely in the dark? Do you think that you could distinguish between flavors without actually seeing the meal in front of you? Put your senses to the test at this festive dinner in the dark

Psychologists have studied the impact that eating in the dark has on the overall experience of eating a meal, with intriguing results. Eating without the aid of lighting is said to heighten the culinary experience by encouraging people to really savor the flavors of the food. 

Imagine the intricate flavors dancing on your palate, whilst you take in the pleasant smells and sounds of your surroundings. It sounds pretty amazing, and guess what? You can experience this amazing phenomenon yourself this holiday season. The Dining In The Dark Christmas Special is coming to a darkened restaurant near you very soon, and all you need to do to get yourself on the waiting list is sign up to the plan on Fever

Once you’ve signed up for the waiting list, watch out for an email with all the details about how to purchase tickets from November 25. There are three meal options to choose from—Vegetarian (green), Fish (blue) and Meat (red)—and all dietary requirements can be catered for. 

This amazing Christmas experience has been fine tuned to deliver a smooth journey from the restaurant door to your table so don’t worry, there will be no fumbling around in the dark to find your chair. 

Join the waiting list for Fever’s Dining in the Dark Christmas Special here


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