The Cutest Animals That You Need To Visit At The Bronx Zoo

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

The Cutest Animals That You Need To Visit At The Bronx Zoo

A trip to the zoo is the perfect warm weather activity. If you’re planning on heading to the Bronx Zoo, these are the adorable critters that you’ll definitely want to visit:


1. This pair of tiger cubs

These little guys will be making their debut this summer.


2. This baby gray monkey

Bolivian gray titi monkeys only grow to about 19 inches long.


3. This incredibly cute otter pup 

The Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest otter species in the world.


4. Three lovable lemur babies

The lemurs are visiting New York City and would love to see you!


5. This little gorilla who likes piggy back rides

We caught this #gorilla enjoying a lazy day. What would you #captionthis? #bronxzoo #babygorilla

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This might be the cutest photo we’ve seen today.


6. All the sea lions who love their tricks



These and many other cute animals are waiting for you at the Bronx Zoo. Take pictures and tag Secret NYC on Twitter or Instagram!


Cover photo credit: JLi21/Flickr