Celebrating A Season Of Giving With Stella Artois

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Celebrating A Season Of Giving With Stella Artois


‘Tis the season for gift giving and giving back. Originally named after a star and gifted to the people of Leuven, Belgium for the holidays, Stella Artois is a beer founded in the spirit of the season. To celebrate their brand’s heritage and traditions, Stella Artois gifted NYC with a truly magical, holiday experience at Moynihan Station in Manhattan.

The event kicked-off on December 9th with an exclusive performance by John Legend. His musical collaboration with Stella Artois, “Under The Stars,” was recorded with real-life star sounds from space. The lyrics convey the feelings we get when we gaze at the night sky— reflective, inspired and united. Legend sang while playing a grand piano, commanding a room full of guests with his heart-felt duet with the stars under the kinetic light installation.

Here in New York City, we don’t get to see the stars very often. But Stella Artois treated its guests to the next best thing: a fabulous light display with hundreds of “stars” to reach for in the space. The public was invited to enjoy the spectacular setup on December 10, 11 and 12. The immersive and interactive light installation invited guests to reach for the stars. In return, the lights responded and descended to meet them. It was a reminder that, as Legend sings in his song, “heaven is not so far.”

As they celebrate over 600 years of brewing expertise and giving beautifully, Stella Artois wants to remind us to give back during the holiday season and remember all the reasons we to come together to celebrate. After all, we all live under the same stars.


Cover photo credit: Stella Artois

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