Celebrate NYC’s Ethnic Diversity With This Interactive Map

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Celebrate NYC’s Ethnic Diversity With This Interactive Map

One of the things that makes NYC great is it’s cultural plurality. In many ways NYC is the meeting-point for Planet Earth. In a recent statement Mayor de Blasio hailed tolerance and diversity as one of our city’s greatest strengths.

The interactive map presented here was created by Jill Hubley, who originally made it for a GISMO exhibit at the Queens Museum, “Map Mosaic: From Queens to the World”.  All of the map’s data comes from the American Community Survey, and the United States Census Bureau. You can access the raw data from the bureau’s American FactFinder, or download Jill Hubley’s file here.

Using this map you can see which language New Yorkers speak at home and breaks down the boroughs into 33 languages and categories. For more in-depth analysis you can see what the map looks like with English, or with both English and Spanish excluded. Take a look at the full interactive map here.

Featured image source [Screenshot: jillhubley]

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