“It’s Catnip” – ‘Pizza Nazi’ Arrested For Growing Weed In His Eatery

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“It’s Catnip” – ‘Pizza Nazi’ Arrested For Growing Weed In His Eatery

Who is the ‘Pizza Nazi’? His name is Whitney Aycock’s and his rules are: no slices, if you ask for faster service he’ll tell you to leave, ask for a pizza that isn’t on his menu and there is a 500% mark-up. These rules along with his curt, gruff, demeanor has earned him the title  “the Pizza Nazi.”

According to police, The Whit’s End Pizza chef was arrested on Saturday morning for growing marijuana in the restaurant and resisting arrest. Aycock is reported to have said “Those are herbs […] I use them for my restaurant.” Unconvinced, the chef continued by trying to convince the officers the plant was catnip.

He was officially charged with growing unlicensed cannabis, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct. It begs the question, if he’s so uptight, then why isn’t he consuming what he’s growing?

The restaurant’s website now features picture of a white paper plate with the message, “Closed. Go f— off and die. Thanks.”

Featured image source [grubstreet & wikipedia]

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