Catch Your Dinner at This New Japanese Restaurant in Chelsea

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Next week, the Japanese chain Zauo will open a location in Chelsea. This new restaurant will serve some of the freshest seafood you’ll enjoy in the city—since you’ll literally be fishing for your food on the spot! It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

On Monday, October 15, the restaurant will open at 152 West 24th Street. The space will seat 134 guests and have three pools for guests to catch their dinner from, which will include 8 varieties of fish. Much like the chain’s other locations, there will be a 60-foot-long boat above one of the pools. However, if you don’t want to take part in the fishing aspect, or would like more options than what’s in the tanks, the restaurant also offers a larger dining menu to order from.

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Aside from being an incredibly fun dining experience, the method of catching your own fish is also cheaper than if you’d order the same fish off a menu, according to Zauo’s website. So what exactly happens when you step inside the restaurant?

First, you’ll be provided with a Fishing License to wear around your neck. Then you’ll get a fishing rod and bait (although not all fish will require bait). You’ll be able to tell the staff what you’re aiming to catch and just start fishing! (And if you’re having trouble catching the fish you want, the staff “will give you some advice.”) Honestly, it’ll be the simplest fishing experience you’ll ever have.

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Once caught, the restaurant will prepare your fish as you’d like:

  • Sashimi (displayed with your fish in a natural form)
  • Tempura
  • Grilled
  • Simmered in soy sauce

The fish tanks will include: fluke, flounder, abalone, lobster, rockfish, rainbow trout, salmon trout, and striped bass. They will be split between the three tanks.

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We can’t wait to check it out and reel in some fish!

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Featured image source: トモ T. /Yelp