These Brothers Will Revolutionize The NYC MetroCard System

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These Brothers Will Revolutionize The NYC MetroCard System

We’ve all been there; you’re running late, rush to the train station to find your card is running on empty or it has expired… the kiosks are crowded (or don’t work) and it’s time to start sending “I’m going to be late” text. Annoying.

Imagine a world where you could check and recharge your balance and from the comfort of your cellphone. Then ask yourself… “How is this already not a thing?”

Two brothers from Washington Heights, Roger and Jeff Flores, have created an app called Metroki and it has the potential to make your life as a commuter a LOT easier. Check out this video:


Like “Apple Pay” …but for the MTA. As well as checking and reloading your balance, you’d use your cell as a “tap and go” payment device. The brothers have have been working on Metroki over a year and are currently working with 2020 Startups NYC to refine and expand their vision for the app.

The Flores brothers are awaiting a response from the MTA, and we have our fingers crossed that the app is picked up in the city already!

Featured image source [nydailynews]

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