Brooklyn’s first cat cafe opens for business

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

Cat Cafe Brooklyn open 2016

Is there anything in this world that can’t be improved by throwing some cute kitties into the mix? Probably not and especially not coffee shops, as has been adorably demonstrated by The Brooklyn Cat Cafe, which is now open for business!

The first permanent cat cafe in Brooklyn offers coffee lovers some quality time with a few feline friends for $5 per half hour (free for children).

Not sure you feel like paying a cover charge to go to a cafe? Perhaps these intensely cute photos will change your mind…

Holding cute cats at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe
[Tod Seelie]
Brooklyn Cat Cafe playing with kittens
[Tod Seelie]
Brooklyn Cat Cafe
[Tod Seelie]
Thought so. And what’s more, if you do get too attached to any of them you take one home with you by adopting a cat.

Get yourself to 149 Atlantic Avenue for your first coffee/cat cocktail. Reservations recommended but not required.


Featured cover image: 18 Trend

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