WATCH LIVE: Brooklyn’s First Cat Cafe Now Has A 24 Hour Kitty-Cam

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WATCH LIVE: Brooklyn’s First Cat Cafe Now Has A 24 Hour Kitty-Cam

You may remember a few weeks ago we told you about Brooklyn’s first cat cafe being officially open for business. Brooklyn Cat Cafe is operated by Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition and let’s you play with a feline friend for $5 per 30 minutes, free for children and also operates as a center for adoption.

Now you’re asking yourself, what if I can’t get over to Brooklyn heights? How do I get my feline fix? Well Brooklyn Cat Cafe has your back. As if there weren’t already enough cat videos on the internet, there is now a 24 hour live “Kitten Cam”. Gaze slack jawed and glassy eyed in wonder at these kittens romp around their terrarium in all their furry glory.

The Kitten Cam focuses on Jem, Rumple and Jelly, 5-week-old kittens who live in the terrarium with mother Grizebella. Eventually the kittens, once spayed or neutered and they have had their vaccines, will leave the terrarium and join the other cats that roam the storefront. Although they only have a few weeks left in the terrarium, a representative of  Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition said that they will look for a new set to take its place.

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe is located at 149 Atlantic Ave.

Featured image source: [devour]

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