Why Pay For A Coffee When This Brooklyn Cafe Charges By The Minute?

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Why Pay For A Coffee When This Brooklyn Cafe Charges By The Minute?

Have you ever wanted to just hangout in a cool place, somewhere where you can just go and relax, play board games with your friends, work, get coffee, tea, some snacks for free? Glasshour did, that’s why they just opened a first pay-per-minute cafe in the US.

Yes, you read that correctly. This cafe doesn’t charge customers for what they consume, rather for the amount of time they spend in the establishment. Here’s how it works:

  • The first hour costs $6 (whether you’re there for 2 minutes or 59).
  • After that initial first hour, you are then charged 10 cents a minute.
  • Once you pass 4 hours there is a flat rate of $24 no matter how long you stay.


As a freelancer you may already be familiar with co-working spaces in the city, they around average around $20-30 a day to use, around the same price as a full day at Glasshour… only without the coffee, granola bars, WiFi, and board games, Foosball, video games, etc.

As highlighted by Business Insider, going to Glass Hour every day isn’t necessarily more cost-effective, as you can get co-working spaces for around $250-275 a month. It does, however, provide another option to those who feel guilty about hogging space in their local coffee shop.

Glass Hour is located at 63 Skillman Avenue in Williamsburg, and you can show them your support, as well as getting access to some good deals, by supporting their kickstarter.

Featured image source [glasshour]

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