Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson Made A NYC Coloring Book Fit For A Kween

Nora Barnicle Nora Barnicle

Abbie from Broad City NYC coloring book

Like the raucous adventures of Broad City, adult coloring books are very much in style, so who better to illustrate NYC than the duo’s Abbi Jacobson? The comedienne explains that many of the featured places shaped her life and inspired her to create a book “that sits before you waiting to be changed, asking to be filled in with life,” just like the city we live in.

Check out her New York interpretations, from quirky corners to celebrated landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge.


Washington Square Park
Broad City Abbie coloring book NYC
Artichoke Pizza
Broad City Abbie Coloring book NYC Artichokes Pizza
Flatiron Building
Broad City Abbie coloring book NYC Flatiron
The subway
Broad City Abbie coloring book NYC subway
The Strand
Broad City Abbie coloring book NYC The Strand

Can’t get enough of this diva’s artistic style? This video could give us a look into her creative process: 


Featured cover image: UpOut
Video via YouTube/Chronicle Books