Bored? Here Are 5 Hobbies You Can Try

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Bored? Here Are 5 Hobbies You Can Try


New Yorkers rarely have too much free time, but somehow there’s always room to try something new. Here are five hobbies you could take up, why they’re fun and how to do them:


1. Yoga


The benefits of yoga include increased muscle strength and flexibility, less tension and stiffness, and a stronger immune system. In short, it’s a great workout and it keeps you healthy.

So where can you do yoga? Lululemon in the Meatpacking district offers free yoga every Sunday morning. Another option tailored for treating back problems and athletic injuries is the Yoga Body class on Thursdays, which costs $10.


2. Painting

[True North Expressive Arts]
[True North Expressive Arts]
You can kill two birds with one stone as an artist: you have a hobby, and you have some decorations for your walls. You don’t have to be gifted, you just have to be creative.

So how can you get started? One fun option is Tipsy Crafts, where you can drink and paint at the same time. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try DenArt’s body painting classes, which happen under the studio lights or in the dark. You can’t hang your creation on the wall, but you can take a picture!


3. Cooking

home cooking

Cooking is a great, therapeutic hobby that saves you money, especially if you’re buying your produce from local farmer’s markets rather than big grocery stores. And because everyone loves food, there will never be a shortage of venues where you can learn to cook.

Home Cooking NY offers classes on many different topics. You can start with the basics, like where to shop for your food and how to use your knives, or you can go for something more advanced, like French cuisine. Taste Buds Kitchen also has a variety of classes where you’re invited to BYOB, and learn how to make Italian classics, Spanish tapas, brunch, and more!


4. Fashion design


Nothing will make you feel productive like sewing your own clothes. You may not ever have your own label, but you can unleash your creativity and then wear your own creations. Plus, once you know how to sew, you won’t have to take your pants to the tailor to get them hemmed anymore.

To get started, Mood (from Project Runway) offers free sewing classes for beginners. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your designs, Fashion Tuesdays at Skyroom and Global Fashion Capitals at the Fashion Institute of Technology are great events to attend for free!


5. Storytelling

[Esparta Palma]
[Esparta Palma]
This may seem a little old school (like ancient-Greece-back-in-the-days-of-Homer old school), but storytelling has always been a fun way to express yourself, let go of bad feelings, and build confidence. It’s been around since language existed, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

Where can you tell stories? Tall Tales Open Mic at Local 138 and Happy Hour Story Hour at the Duplex both welcome anyone who wants to take the stage, no matter how much experience you have. Download Fever to RSVP!

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