Booze! Where to Drink in NYC On National Beer Day (Today!)

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National Beer Day NYC Homer Simpson

Mmmmm beeeer. In those wise words from Homer Simpson, we celebrate National Beer Day in New York with delicious deals, sloshed celebrations and pure debauchery. The day actually marks the official end of Prohibition with the Cullen-Harrison Act of 1933, so let’s drink to FDR and some of the tastiest lagers, pilsners, ales, porters and stouts from around the world. Here are five spots that will undoubtedly help turn April 8th into National Hangover Day.


Grand Central Terminal

National Beer Day NYC
[Instagram/Beer Table]
This is most definitely the big daddy of Beer Day. Catch 20% off all draughts and complimentary tastings at the Beer Table, all before you chow down on some grubs and suds at special low prices from spots like Shiro of Japan and Tri Tip Grill. Then stop over at Michael Jordan’s Steak House, where participants can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and tastings of Goose Island Sofie, Goose Island Matilda, and Stella Artois on the house. We like your moves, MJ.


Zaro’s Hot Dog Corner

Zaros Hot Dog Corner
[Zaro’s Hot Dog Corner]
Also located in Grand Central, the “Hot Dog Corner” at Zaro’s Bakery is offering 100% beef Hebrew Nationals served fresh off the grill. Grab two weiners and a pint of domestic for just $10.50 from 6-8pm. L’chaim!


The Beer Table’s Tricycle

Beer Table Tricycle NYC
[Flavor Pill]
Taking the to-go cup to a whole new level, drinkers can rent the Beer Table’s tricycle for a truly uniquely happy hour. Forgot the gasoline – fill up with four craft brews and enjoy all the boozy feels on wheels.


Shackmeister Ale At Shake Shack

Shake Shack NYC
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Did someone say beer and burgers? It’s every frat boy’s dream (and ours, too) at all Shake Shack locations, where the joint has teamed up with Brooklyn Brewery to create “a zippy pale ale with just the right malt flavors to complement the beef, and bright hops to refresh the palate.” My heavens! Purchase a ShackBurger or GCT Crunch-stellation frozen custard and try the ale for just $3 for today only. Run. Over. Now.


Bierhaus NYC

Bierhaus NYC
[Pinterest/Cindy Willitts]
Oktoberfest meets post-prohibition in this Midtown beer hall. In true German fashion, sip on two liters of the finest Hefeweizen and receive a free pretzel. Add live music and women in dirndls and you’ll think it’s Germany’s National Beer Day.


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