85 Black-Owned Restaurants You Can Support In NYC Right Now, Organized By Neighborhood

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85 Black-Owned Restaurants You Can Support In NYC Right Now, Organized By Neighborhood

One tangible way you can support the Black community in NYC is by spending money at Black-owned restaurants.

It’s an action you can take right in this moment, but also one you should incorporate into your daily, weekly and monthly spending habits. This list was compiled using spreadsheets that have been circulating across NYC social media (like this one and this one), as well as growing listings on local news website. This isn’t all-encompassing of the city yet, and we will be continuing to add to it.

The app EatOkra also helps you find Black-owned restaurants near you with an interactive map feature.

So, here are 85 Black-owned restaurants you can support in NYC right now, organized by borough and neighborhood:

The Bronx

Castle Hill

1. Melanies Roti & Grill
Location: 1248 Castle Hill Road
Order online through site here.
2. Juices for Life
Location: Multiple: 1026 Castle Hill Ave, 3463 E Tremont Ave, 211 Nepperhan Ave (Yonkers)
Pick-up in store or see menu online here.
3. Jenny’s Roti Shop
Location: 262 Castle Hill Ave
Open for takeout and delivery via UberEats, Doordash, Postmates and GrubHub.

Claremont Village

4. Juiceade
Location: 1345 Southern Blvd., Store#1
Pick-up and delivery through GrubHub.


5. King Sunshine Jerk Center

Location: 1294 Westchester Ave
Pick-up and delivery through GrubHub.

6. Next Stop Vegan

Location: 1818 Archer Street
Only open Saturdays; call ahead to place your order at (347) 398-8166.


7. Accra Restaurant

Location: 2041 Davidson Ave
Pick-up and delivery available through Grubhub here.

8. Cea-Lo Cafe

Location: 1003 Soundview Ave
Call (718) 620-0337 to order. See menu online here.

9. Fouta Halal

Location: 1762 Westchester Ave
Call (718) 792-1700 to order.

10. Taste So Good

Location: 1752 Lafayette Ave
Open for pick-up and delivery.

South Bronx

11. Beatstro

Location: 135 Alexander Avenue
Open for pick-up.

12. Bricks & Hops

Location: 65 Bruckner Blvd
Open for pick-up.

13. Flava’s International Grill

Location: 854 Gerard Ave
Open for pick-up.

14. Papaye

Location: 2300 Grand Concourse
Pick-up and delivery through Door Dash and Uber Eats.


East Village

15. Haile

Location: 182 Avenue B
Order on their website here.

16. Mikey Likes It

Location: 199 Avenue A
Delivering by the pint to locations in Manhattan.


17. Brooklyn Chop House

Location: 150 Nassau St.
Open for pick-up and delivery.

Greenwich Village

18. Berber Street Food

Location: 35 Carmine Street
Open for pick-up and delivery, call 646-870-0495.

19. Negril Village

Location: 70 W 3rd St.
Open for pick-up and delivery.

20. Urban Vegan Kitchen

Location: 41 Carmine St.
Order pick-up and delivery through their website.


21. 67 Orange St.

Location: 2082 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Order through their website here.

22. Abyssinia

Location: 268 W 135th Street
Open for pick-up and delivery.

23. Africa Kine

Location: 2267 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
Open for pick-up and delivery.

24. Benyam Ethiopian Cuisine

Location: 2795 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Order online here.

25. Blvd Bistro

Location: 2149 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Call (212) 678-6200 for pick-up orders, online for delivery.

26. Caribbean Starr

Location: 280 Lenox Ave
Open for pick-up and delivery.

27. Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken

Location: 2461 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Pick-up, call (212) 281-1800; order online with Uber Eats.

28. Amy Ruth’s

Location: 113 West 116th Street
Take-out call (212) 280-8779; delivery through GrubHub.

29. Field Trip NYC

Location: 109 Malcolm X Blvd
Order delivery on their website here.

30. Harlem Hops

Location: 2268 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Blvd
Order pick-up or delivery by calling 646-998-3444.

31. Home Sweet Harlem

Location: 1528 Amsterdam Ave
Order pick-up or delivery here.

32. Island Bites

Location: 2107 1st Avenue
Order through Uber Eats, Seamless/GrubHub for delivery.

33. Lighthouse Fish Market

Location: 2451 8th Ave
Open for take-out and pick-up.

34. Lloyd’s Carrot Cake

Location: 1553 Lexington Avenue (also 6087 Broadway in the Bronx)
Open for pick-up, take-out and nationwide shipping.

35. Lolo’s Seafood Shack

Location: 303 W 116th St.
Open for pick-up and delivery.

36. Melba’s

Location: 300 W. 114th St.
Open for pick-up and delivery, call 212-864-7777.

37. Ponty Bistro Harlem

Location: 2375 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
Visit their website to order online.

38. Renaissance Harlem

Location: 2245 7th Ave
Order online here.

39. Reverence

Location: 2592 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Bento-boxes available for pick-up here.

40. Ruby’s Vintage

Location: 2340 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
Open for delivery and takeout, call 646-454-9899 or order through Seamless/GrubHub.

41. Safari

Location: 219 West 116th St.
Open for delivery through Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub.

42. Seasoned Vegan

Location: 55 Saint Nicholas
Open for take-out and delivery.

43. Sisters Caribbean Cuisine

Location: 47 East 124th Street
Open for pick-up and delivery, order from 212-410-3000.

44. Sylvia’s

Location: 328 Malcolm X Blvd
Order from 212-996-0660 for pick-up, delivery available through DoorDash and UberEats.

45. The Edge

Location: 101 Edgecombe Ave
Call 212-939-9688 for take-out, order delivery online here.

46. Tsion Cafe

Location: 763 St. Nicholas Avenue
Call 212-234-2070 to order pick-up, or delivery via GrubHub.

47. Vinateria

Location: 2211 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Open for pick-up and delivery online here.

48. Yatenga Bistro

Location: 2269 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.
Order on their website here.

Lower East Side

49. Omar’s Kitchen

Location: 29A Clinton St.
Open for curbside take-out, call (646) 866-6993.

50. Whipped Urban Dessert Lab

Location: 95 Orchard St.
Open for take-out on weekends.

51. Las’ Lap

Location: 74 Orchard St.
Open for pick-up; call (646) 484-6002 or order online here.

52. Cheeky Sandwiches

Location: 35 Orchard St.
Order by calling (646) 504-8132 or online here.

53. Scarr’s Pizza

Location: 22 Orchard St.
Order online here.

54. Divine Flavored Food Truck

Location: Midtown East
Order family-sized portions on their website here.

Morningside Heights

55. Freda’s

Location: 993 Columbus Ave
Order by calling 917-409-3689 or 646-438-9832, or using the Postmates app

56. Massawa

Location: 1239 Amsterdam Ave
Call (212) 663-0505 for delivery or pick-up; see more on their website here.

Staten Island

57. Bayou

Location: 1072 Bay St.
Order online for pick-up or delivery here.

58. Blaze Jamaican Restaurant

Location: 3 Corson Ave
Open for pick-up and delivery, call (929) 464-2330.

59. Staten Island Fish & More

Location: 137 Montgomery Ave
Open for pick-up and delivery, call (718) 447-0936.

60. Koten’s Carribean and American Restaurant

Location: 537 Port Richmond Ave
Open for pick-up and delivery, call (929) 364-1273.

61. TRI Lounge and Cafe

Location: 1938 Clove Road
Open for pick-up and delivery, call (718) 442-5800.



62. KY’s Take Out

Location: 89-02 165th St.
Delivery available online from Seamless.

63. Vibes

Location: 143-06 Liberty Ave
Order by calling (718) 262-0433.

64. Forever Jerk

Location: 145-94 Guy R Brewer Blvd
Call (718) 978-2222, or online platforms like UberEats.

65. Jamaica Breeze

Location: 232-02 Merrick Blvd
Call (347) 894-8049 to order or through platforms like UberEats.

66. The Nourish Spot

Location: 107-05 Guy R Brewer Blvd
Call (718) 526-2099 to order.

67. Port Royal

Location: 113-7 Sutphin Blvd
Order online here for pick-up for delivery.

68. Sybils Restaurant & Bakery

Location: 159-24 Hillside Avenue
Order for pick-up for delivery here.


69. Snowdonia

Location: 34-55 32nd St, Astoria
Open for takeout and delivery, hour fluctuate right now so please call ahead at (347) 730-5783.

70. Soul Out

Location: 34th Ave x Crescent
Call 718-937-4958 or walk-in to order.

71. Something Catchy

Location: 23-14 36th Ave
Call or text 718-576-9518 to order.

72. Melting Pot Cuisine

Location: 3601 Vernon Blvd.
Orrder online here or call 718-606-2670.

73. Macoletta Brick Oven Pizzeria
Location: 24th Ave x 29th St
Order online here for pick-up
74. Makina Cafe
Location: 37th Ave x 34th St (Food Truck)


Bed Stuy

75. BKLYN Blend

Location: 194 Tompkins Ave
Open for pick-up and delivery.

76. BK Lobster

Location: 535 Nostrand Ave
Open for pick-up and delivery on Door Dash, GrubHub, and UberEats.

77. Brown Butter NYC

Location: 413 Tompkins Ave
Open for delivery and pick-up, order online here.

78. Daddy’s Green Pizza

Location: 1552 Fulton St.
Open for delivery and pick-up, order online here.

Clinton Hill

79. Buka

Location: 946 Fulton Street
Pick-up and delivery via Postmates.

80. Sisters

Location: 900 Fulton St.
Order by calling 347-763-2537; stay up-to-date on hours on Instagram.

81. Wray’s

Location: 503 Myrtle Ave
Visit website for pick-up or delivery order here.

Crown Heights

82. The BergenBK

Location: 1299 Bergen Street
Open for take-out and delivery; visit their website here.

83. Essence Restaurant and Bar

Location: 1662 Atlantic Avenue
Open for pick-up and delivery, order online here.

84. Ras Plant-Based Ethiopian

Location: 739 Franklin Avenue
Open for delivery and take-out, call (718) 622-6220 or order online here.

85. Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine

Location: 764 Nostrand Ave
Call (718) 550-3585 for pick-up or order for delivery through Seamless.

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featured image source: Instagram / @sistersbklyn

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