BEWARE: NYPD Warns Of New Mugging Tactic That Makes Stealing Phones Easier

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iPhone mugging NYC delete tracker

Police have issued a warning to NYC iPhone users after two teenagers were mugged at knife-point in Riverside Park on Wednesday.

The criminals brandished knives at the youngsters – who were walking along the river at 8.30pm – and insisted they disable the Find My iPhone app so it couldn’t be traced.

They then forced them to turn off iCloud settings and reset the phones so it would be easier to sell before also taking their wallets.

Find my iPhone deleted in mugging
Victim Ross Kennedy, 18, told CBS New York that the incident – which lasted longer than your typical mugging – was really scary.

He said: “The entire time it was happening I was just waiting for it to be over.”

Riverside Park iPhone mugging
Riverside Park [DG Guides]

Kennedy had no choice but to buy a new iPhone.

Police admit this new tactic is effective for thieves and added that the best thing to do is whatever the mugger tells you to and not to fight back.


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