¡The Best Burrito In NYC Is Opening a New Store Near You!

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¡The Best Burrito In NYC Is Opening a New Store Near You!

Forget the best burger in NYC, we’re talking about the best burrito, quesadilla and tacos. We are a little spoiled when it comes to burrito spots, but there can only be one best, right? Well, we’re calling it…Dos Toros!

Dos Toros is celebrating their new Midtown East location with… wait for it… $1 burrito, quesadilla, bowl, salad, or any two tacos.

Curb that foodgasm for a moment, what makes Dos Toros the best? What makes them, as The Daily Meal calls it, the #1 burrito in NYC and in the top 10 in the USA? Easy folks; it’s the authentic Mexican rice, rich – slow cooked carnitas, truly flaming habanero hot sauce… all prepared fresh every morning. It’s easy to see why so many of their customers become regulars.

If you’re not convinced of their dedication to quesadilla-craft already, let me introduce you to this summer’s parody music hit! …and it’s not Weird Al. “Quesadilla Love” is a re-imagining of Tupac’s classic “California Love”, with a cameo from the Instagram star f*ckjerry.

Don’t miss out on any burrito, quesadilla, salad, plato, or 2 tacos for just $1. The new Dos Toros is opening at 52 West 52nd NY NY 10019 this Monday from 11:30-3pm and 5-8pm.

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