Beat the Heat With An Iced Coffee From These 12 Places In NYC

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Beat the Heat With An Iced Coffee From These 12 Places In NYC
June has arrived in New York City, which means the weather is hot, the trains are delayed, and the Mets are out of the playoff picture.

As we skip the serene scenes of spring and plunge head first into the coal fed furnace that is the financial district on a 98-degree day, we stop to ask the real question of summer: “Wow! It’s a bagillion freaking degrees outside! Where can I get a damn ice coffee?” Well, don’t fret. Here are our go-to spots for a sweet salvation to beat the summer heat.

Gotan NYC: Cold Brew

?TriBeCa, 130 Franklin St. (Various Other NYC Locations)

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 Happy Bones: Almond Milk (or Oat Milk) Iced Latte

?SoHo, 394 Broome St.

Everyman Espresso: Panacea / Cold Brew

?SoHo, 301 West Broadway (Various Other Manhattan Locations)

Aroma: Iced Coffee

?UWS, 161 W 72nd St. (Various Other Manhattan Locations)

Kaffe 1668: Cold Brew

? Greenwich Village, 401 Greenwich St.

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El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette: Mexican Iced Mocha

?LES, 100 Stanton St.

Birch Coffee: Kyoto Cold Brew / Dirty Oat Chai

?LIC, 40-37 23rd St. (Various Other Manhattan Locations)

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The Coffee Pot: Iced Coffee

?Astoria, 2819 23rd Ave

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Nitro Cold Brew

?NoMad, 18 W 29th St. (Other Manhattan Location)

Blue Bottle: New Orleans Iced Coffee

?Williamsburg,  76 N 4th St. (Various Other NYC Locations)

La Colombe: Draft Latte

?Chelsea, 601 W 27th St. (Various Other Manhattan Locations)

Astoria Coffee: Iced Latte

?Astoria, 30-04 30th St.

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