Yago Hein

20 year-old Yago is a journalist from Spain. He likes music, sports and great food. He is the cooler of two brothers.

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8 Best Food Challenges In Manhattan

Eat hard, or die trying! This is what will happen to you if you complete all the following challenges. From 3-story gigantic burgers to a small bowl of explosively spicy curry. This list compiles the best food challenge...

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Is your favorite drink giving you cancer?

This news may destroy the basis of society, as coffee is a religion in NYC… Well, according to the World Health Organization, drinks that are hotter than 149° could be very harmful for your esophagus and even caus...


Do You Know The New-Born Of Bronx Zoo?

Bronx Zoo has a brand new member. He was born on April 24th but he was only introduced to the public recently. He’s a North American porcupine who hasn’t been given a name yet …but we could name it after his...

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This Is How Manhattan Should Look By 2021

Over the next 4 years NYC will be going through an extensive transformation, especially  Manhattan. By 2021 the infamous NYC skyline will be overtaken by at least ten more skyscrapers. Here the 10 known skyscrapers whic...



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