Attention Muggles! PotterCon is Coming In NYC

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Attention Muggles! PotterCon is Coming In NYC

Quoting PotterCon’s website… “Join your fellow POTTHEADS on Saturday, August 6th for PotterCon 2016” Where I’m from, a Pothead is something else entirely…  HufflePUFF anyone?

PotterCon hails itself as the official annual NYC day-drinking and mingling destination for Harry Potter fans aged 21+. Yes 21+! This is for Pottheads who want to throw back some Butterbeers for a fun day of Potter themes fun.

The con offers a host of activities and each event you participate in helps you gain points for your house: Add your name to the Goblet of Fire to discover your Hogwarts house once and for all, live onstage. Join into Madam Malkin’s Robes For All Occasions Costume Contest for $5 to benefit 826NYC. Have your Remembralls at the ready for some head-scratching potter trivia.

Visit PotterConNYC.com for more info.

Check out photos from last years event:

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Images source: [potterconnyc]

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