The Amazing First Day of Summer Streets 2017 in Photos and Video

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Saturday saw the welcome return of Summer Streets, and it didn’t disappoint. From the Inflatable waterpark to the pop-up beaches, here are some images and video of NYC’s largest pedestrian playground.

Summer Streets is an NYC Department of Transportation project that celebrates sustainable transportation by opening Seven miles of the city’s streets, along Lafayette Street and Park Avenue, to create a pedestrian playground like no other.

The first of three days of pedestrian fun was this weekend. the city took to the street to play, run, walk and bike, on roads that are usually full of traffic. At the heart of the celebration is a reminder for New Yorkers to use more sustainable forms of transportation and engage in healthy recreation… but let’s be honest, we’re going to enjoy the surreal feeling of going up or down Park Ave with no cars!

The next Summer Streets takes place on August 12 and 19… we’d say “don’t miss it,” but we have the feeling it will be pretty unavoidable. Here are some photos and images from the first Saturday:

Water slide!

Everyone loves SummerStreets!

Just a giant inflateable waterpark on the streets of New York…

What a beautiful shot!

#summerstreets #summerstreetnyc2017 #walktheline #parkavenue #carfreeday

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on your marks… get set…

My 5 mile run down Park Ave… #summerstreets

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Wait for it… an awesome ride down a water slide.

You’ll never be as chill as this guy…

Pedestrians and cyclists take park ave!

There were even dog area pools to cool off your best friend

What are you fighting for?

All the people!

Cruising up Park Ave. #summerstreets

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the “Miniest” mini-golf

Let’s go to the beach

When they bring the beach to you 🤗😎 #summer #nyc #manhattan #summerstreets #beach #foleysquare

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Let’s go to the beach

When they bring the beach to you 🤗😎 #summer #nyc #manhattan #summerstreets #beach #foleysquare

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