After “Cronut”: 6 Hybrid Foods New York City Needs To Create

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

After “Cronut”: 6 Hybrid Foods New York City Needs To Create


Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the Cronut, has just announced a brand new dessert called Ultimate S’mores, which is supposed to be “the perfect in-between bridge between a light summery dessert and a warm heavier dessert.” In honor of this and the famous Cronut hybrid, we would like to propose a list of six more food hybrids that New Yorkers need to make:


1. Chonut – Cheesecake Donut

cheesecake donut

New York style cheesecake inside fried dough, in a ring. What more could you want? Maybe one of these doughnut shops can team up with one of these bakeries to take on the challenge.


2. Falonut – Falafel Donut

falafel donut

A savory doughnut isn’t so difficult to imagine. Falafel is already fried, so all you need to do is surround it in dough before you pop it in. Sell them from a food truck and they’d go like hotcakes.


3. Pastrami, Egg and Cheese

pastrami egg and cheese

Bacon, egg and cheese on a hard roll is a New York City staple, as is a classic Reuben. Someone needs to figure out the best way to combine these two sandwiches together. We would eat one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


4. Pastrami Tacos

pastrami tacos

As if we haven’t already sufficiently Americanized everything else, right? But you have to admit—this sounded delicious as soon as you read it. Imagine the flavors of a New York Jewish deli combined with those of an authentic taqueria. Perhaps these taquerias and these delis could collaborate.


5. Pizza Bagel

pizza bagel

We know what you’re thinking— “This is already a thing.” But this product has yet to get some New York City love put into it. We want to see a real New York bagel topped with homemade sauce and delicious cheese and baked in the oven.


6. Pizza Dog

pizza dog

Some guy who thought he was smart probably already dumped some jarred marinara and shredded mozzarella over a hotdog and called it done. But we want to see finesse—a hotdog wrapped in a sleeping bag of mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce, on a bun made out of pizza dough.


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