The Absolute Funniest Tweets About July 4th

Rob Grams Rob Grams

The Absolute Funniest Tweets About July 4th

Independence day is almost here, but before you take time out to thank Randy Quaid and Will Smith for their heroic acts in 1996, take a little time to travel back in time with us. Let’s pay homage to those intrepid tweeps who have summed up the holiday hilariously. Check out our top picks for the absolute best tweets about July 4th.

1 .  Mansplaining founding fathers.

2 .  Amen…

3. If Buzzfeed wrote the declaration…

5. …Whole Foods patriotism.

6. The modern equivalent of Groundhog Day

7. …I’ll be there for you…

8. The other inconvenient truth…

9. Is that cool with you guys?

10. ‘Murica, F*ck yeah!

11. Star[spangled-banner]bucks

12. Loud noises!


13. For those of us who are a little socially awkward.

14. Damn clouds, comin’ over here, stealin’ our jobs!

15. I find your lack of patriotism… disturbing.

16. The founding fathers don’t follow me back!

17. I outsource my tweeting to India.

18. Play safely kids!

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