9 NYC First Date Ideas You’ve Never Tried

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9 NYC First Date Ideas You’ve Never Tried

Dating in NYC is hard! You haven’t got time to spend weeks finding out if you’re compatible, so why not mix up the “dinner and a movie” routine and try one of these alternative ideas to separate the wheat from the creepy Tinder weirdos.


1. Show some skin at Paint in the Dark

Body Paint NYC
Number one on the list is probably the one that is most likely to get you ghosted if you suggest it for a first date. Paint in the Dark involves painting each other’s bodies (you choose how naked you get but underwear stays on). A little risque for a first date? Or the perfect kick-start to a runaway romance?


2. Brave a NYC climbing wall together

Climbing wall
This is either going to be a great opportunity to show off your athleticism or it will become known as that embarrassing story where you couldn’t get down from the top and your unimpressed date just left you there. Chelsea Piers has one of the biggest rock climbing walls in NYC.


3. Go stargazing

Stargazing in NYC
[Amateur Astronomers Association]
You know there’s nothing more romantic than gazing up at the stars together. So take it to the next level at the Amateur Astronomers Association. Sure, you may be surrounded by dorks geeking out over constellations, but five minutes on Wikipedia before you leave will impress your date guaranteed.


4. Try some weird food

Disgusting food
There are a few rules when it comes to eating on a first date. Steer clear of anything spicy… Avoid spaghetti like the plague… But we at Secret NYC don’t care much for rules. Try something a little different and put a new spin on the dinner date.


5. Listen to stories of terrible relationships

Ralph Wiggum dating
This’ll make for interesting after-show conversation. Relationshit (not a typo) features a roster of comedians waxing lyrical about failed relationships and nightmare exes (making you look great by comparison) before a professional therapist analyzes them live on stage.


6. Impress with a Champagne brunch

Winston Champagne
Landed yourself a date with a real hottie? Time to pull out the big guns. Book yourself on Hornblower’s Champagne Bottomless Brunch Cruise and take in views of New York City while you both do a little afternoon drinking.


7. Dare to see the Guilty Pleasures cabaret

Guilty Pleasures Cabaret NYC
Described as  “Great Gatsby meets Mad Men meets Beyoncé”, Guilty Pleasures Cabaret is bound to get your date feeling romantic. Just make sure the sexy performers on stage don’t get more of your attention than your date.


8. Attend a life drawing class

Life Drawing Class
[Wreck the Tape Deck]
You’ll look cultured, you’ll find out whether your date is comfortable with the human form in all its glory and, when no one is looking, you can giggle like a little girl because there’s naked people here! Spring Studio offers life drawing sessions for $20.


9. Go celeb spotting in the subway

Jake Gyllenhaal rides the NY subway
[I’m Stalking Jake]
Apparently, the NY subway is teeming with famous people. Ride the subway to/from your date and keep your eyes peeled for shade-wearing celebs. Grab the obligatory selfie and voila… You’ve got your first couple’s anecdote in the bank.


Featured cover image: Wreck the Tape Deck

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