9 Instagrammers NYC Foodies Should Follow Immediately

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9 Instagrammers NYC Foodies Should Follow Immediately

NYC is famous for it’s amazing food. An amazing mix of cultures, an almost impossible number of eateries, with an endless number of dishes, it can be a little intimidating. There a number of people out there eager to show you what’s happening in the NYC culinary universe. These are the instagrammers that are opinion leaders on the medium. Check them out:

No Leftovers

This is one of our personal favorites! 206k followers strong, No Leftovers is out go-to for honest recommendations for great eats.

Once Upon A Bite

With 11.6k followers, Once Upon A Bite  is one of the smaller accounts on the list, but it deserves your love, so go check it out guys. Most of the food is created by Diana Lynne Arizpe, the accounts creator.


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Gillie Houston

93.3k followers follow Gillie, social media manager at Yahoo, for her funny captions, colorful images and mouthwatering subjects.

Hungry Hipsters

The Hungry Hipsters are engaging 37.4k happy followers. Their undefinable and unique style is just as appealing as the food they shoot.

Major sweet tooth goals? tap for our favorites!?

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126k followers can’t wait to see what good is satisfying these Hungry Girls. Their style is realistic, no stages shots, and their captions are sincere.

New Fork City

With over 690k followers, New_fork_city have earned their place on this list. They cover everything form delicious deserts to amazing comfort food.


208k followers can’t be wrong! Amazing food shots and clever captions helps this amazing account rise to the top.

Brunch of champions since 1911. #EATINGNYC

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220k followers strong, Devour Power specializes in drool-worthy amazing eats.

Mister Krisp

Do you like rice crispy treats? Do you like art? Welcome to the world of Mister Krisp! 44.1k followers love this account, no doubt you will too.

Featured image source: [hungryhipsters/instagram]

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