The 8 Best Winter Date Spots in NYC

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Winter sucks in the city. The  decorations are nice, and snow is beautiful, but it can be a really rough season. It’s cold, it’s slushy, and you can’t stop wiping your nose with your scarf. So how on earth are you going to have a great date night in the middle of misery? With the best winter date spots in the New York City, that’s how!



For a somewhat pricey but overall super romantic, cozy night at a bar, Apotheke is perfect. It’s got a loungey, somewhat macabre feel and lives up to its name with crazy concoctions as cocktails. Even if those cocktails cost you an arm and a leg, just get one each and sip it slow!

Bruno Pizza


When it’s freezing outside, what’s better than some brick oven pizza? Bruno Pizza down in the East Village is a trendy pizzeria with an everchanging seasonal menu. And also, gelato. Who doesn’t love gelato?

Metropolitan Museum of Art


Need a full day museum to stay out of the cold? The MET is not just the largest art museum in the city but in the world. There’s no better place to spend an entire day indoors.

The Jimmy


The Jimmy has fireplaces. Fireplaces! It also has a fantastic view of the west village below it and cozy couches to curl up on. It’s definitely your swankier date, but it’ll impress!

Bryant Park Ice Skating


Ice skating is an awesome way to spend the winter in NYC, but skip Rockefeller Center which is tourist central and go to the less popular Bryant Park rink. It’ll be less crazy and give you more space to crash and bun because you inevitably forgot how to ice skate.

Indoor Rock Climbing


There are a few places to do this, from Chelsea Piers to The Cliffs in Long Island City, but if you are your significant other love being active, this is the perfect way to burn some calories without shivering to death. If you’ve never tackled a wall before, these places have beginner classes to get started.

Spa Day


Spend an enitre day at a warm spa. Whether it’s a chill place like Spa Castle or a little more stylish like Aire Ancient baths, just dip into that hot water and don’t come out. Ever. Except for a massage. (But maybe not a first date spot…)

The Aquarium


It’s way too cold for the zoo; even the animals know it. But it’s not too cold for the Aquarium, which has plenty of awesome indoor exhibits that are open all year round. Get a kick out of some fish for the day!

Featured image source: Photo Modified: Flickr / Oliver Rich / CC by 2.0