8 awesome plans to celebrate Easter in NYC

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Easter plans in NYC

Don’t wait around for your loved ones to make plans for you. Because if you don’t look busy, you’ll be doing chores or looking after young relatives before you know it. Fill your calendar with some of these exciting Easter plans to make the most of the holiday.


1. Take a selfie with the Easter Bunny

Joe Jonas Easter Bunny
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It’s not Easter until you post a selfie of yourself with the Easter Bunny. We can’t tell you exactly where he’s going to be; the rabbit will be popping up all over town over the coming days. Maybe try one of New York City’s many Easter egg hunts. (Speaking of which…)


2. Go on an Easter egg hunt

Ralph Wiggum Easter Egg
There are too many egg hunts around the city to list here. You could take to the streets of NYC in an Adult Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt which lets you use a GPS app to find the ovoid goodies. Or down a couple of cocktails before you stagger off on the 5th Annual Scavenger Egg Hunt.


3. Get totally covered in colorful paints

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Broaden your cultural horizons at Holi: the Spring Festival of Colours, a Hindu festival in Flushing that coincides with Easter Sunday. Participants decorate each other by throwing colored powders and liquids. Tons of fun.


4. See the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival

Easter Bonnet Parade NYC
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You don’t have to wear your own bonnet (unless you want to) but you do have to check out the annual Easter parade. Everyone dresses up and you’ll feel all Eastery. Find it moving around on Fifth Avenue from 10am to 4pm on Sunday.


5. Go on a dessert tour

Never pass up a piece of cake
We find that walking tours are often somewhat lacking in the dessert department. Fortunately, we’re not the only ones. The Easter Weekend Greenwich Village History and Dessert Tour shows you some of the favorite places of legends such as Mark Twain and Bob Dylan while also finding time to fill up on sweet treats. Yum!

6. Decorate an Easter egg

Ukranian Easter Eggs
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You’re never too old to pick up a paintbrush and give an egg your own personal customization. At the Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Egg Decoration Workshop, you’ll take it to the next level using beeswax and special dyes to create intricate designs.


7. Beat the crap out of the Easter Bunny

Full Bunny Contact
[Full Bunny Contact]
Presuming you found him for the aforementioned selfie, it’s time to get violent. The Easter Bunny has been asking for it for some time now and who better to teach him a lesson than you?  Full Bunny Contact not only features a sumo bunny wrestler for you to lay into, but also other energetic games like collecting eggs in a cage while three aggressive bunnies try to take you down.


8. Go to church

St Patrick's Cathedral NYC
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You don’t need to be religious to enjoy an Easter Sunday service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. If you’ve never been inside this impressive building before, now’s the perfect time. Plus, when the service is over, you’ll be uniquely positioned to enjoy the parade or pig out at one of the nearby restaurants offering Easter brunch.


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