7 Types of Cell Phone Users You See On The Subway

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

7 Types of Cell Phone Users You See On The Subway

If you happen to be in a subway station that has wifi, or you’re riding in the boroughs where you’re above ground, these are the seven types of cell phone users you’re going to encounter:


1. People playing Candy Crush or 2048

candy crush

These are possible without any connection so this group makes up about 90 percent of subway cell phone users.


2. People reading books on their phones

[Pumps & Iron]
[Pumps & Iron]
Can you even read that? How are your eyes not hurting?


3. People checking their email

[Here's The Thing]
[Here’s The Thing]
Chill. The work day’s over. You’re putting the rest of us on edge.


4. People making their weekend plans on Fever

party all night

Hollar at ya. We feel you.


5. People using their phones as mirrors to do their make-up

[Social Moms]
[Social Moms]
Because what else are you gonna do on your morning commute?


6. People chatting about how their day was

[Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times]
[Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times]
“And so I told Malcolm that he needs to either hire someone to help me with this project, or get off his ass and help me himself, because I do not have the time to spend…”


7. People telling their whole life story for everyone to hear

[Be KlassiQue]
[Be KlassiQue]
“And now he wants to come back into my life after he cheated on me with my best friend, and he guilt trips me because I can’t just pretend like it never happened, and I told him…”



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