7 Reasons You Need To Go To A Brooklyn Islanders Hockey Game

Ethan Abramson Ethan Abramson

7 Reasons You Need To Go To A Brooklyn Islanders Hockey Game


Loyal Brooklynites and hockey fanatics can rejoice!

I love a Rangers game as much as any New Yorker, but the New York Islanders’ move to the Barclays Center came at the perfect time. Last season, the Islanders secured second place in the Metropolitan Standings and admirably fought against the Washington Capitals in the playoffs. This season, with new additions and a running start, the Islanders already have the playoffs in their sights. With a brand new rink, the team is doing all they can to establish a fan base in their new borough.

Here’s why you should go see them:


1. Cheap Tickets

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Any hockey fan knows the financial sacrifice of even the worst Rangers tickets. Tickets for this Tuesday’s game at Madison Square Garden start at $75 from Stubhub.com. Bring a date, share a plate of nachos, drink a beer, and that’s over $150 dollars for an early season game. This Tuesday, the Islanders will face the New Jersey Devils in Brooklyn, and you can go for only $14.


2. Great New York City hockey

John Tavares, Johnny Boychuk, Matt Martin, and many more all-star players guarantee a night of big hits, intense plays, and high scoring as they chase the Stanley Cup.


3. Free gear!

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 Everyone loves free stuff. So far the Islanders have promised bobblehead and t-shirt giveaways to the first 10,000 fans. That $14 ticket will look really nice with that crisp black tee.


4. Hockey fans are insane.

Hockey fans remember a slick goal and a brutal brawl forever. They have their values, but they know that hockey is more important. Bring a friend who’s never been to a game and watch as terror drains the blood from his face.


4. It’s a little hard to see a Ranger’s game


A couple of years ago, when the Rangers played the Kings in the Stanley Cup final, flying to LA to see a game would have been cheaper than staying in New York. The Islanders bring convenience back to New York City hockey without sacrificing any action. Save up for that Rangers game, but indulge your ice-tooth in the meantime.


6. It’s not just “Rangerstown” anymore.

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7. The Islanders are on their way to becoming the coolest team in the NHL.

So don’t be late to the party.

Whether you’ve never seen a hockey game or your only reference for the New York Islanders is Kevin Connolly’s t-shirt, there’s nothing like a good hockey game. So make E happy and go get rowdy with the New York Islanders.


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