7 Bad Habits Every New Yorker Is Trying To Break

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

If we had to guess your new year’s resolution, we would say it relates to one of these things:


1. Not Exercising Enough


It’s understandable. You get home from your commute and the last thing you feel like doing is going to the gym. Or the gym membership is too expensive. But there are ways to work out without joining a gym, and sooner or later it’s going to catch up to you how out of shape you are.


2. Eating Too Many Carbs

Combined with number 1, this is a death trap. This city is filled with pizza and bagels and subs. But unless you’re going jogging every day to work off all that bread, you’re going to turn into a piece of bread: soft and squishy.


3. Spending Too Much Money

This is an expensive city, but there are things you could choose not to splurge on. You don’t really need to spend $50 every time you go out drinking.


4. Drinking Too Much


Speaking of which…how many Sundays are you spending in bed because you’re too hungover to do anything? It may be time to re-think your life if you’re losing that many days to severe dehydration.


5. Being Late


6. Leaving The Dishes In The Sink

Dishwashers are like unicorns in this city. But mice and cockroaches are like, well, mice and cockroaches. Leaving a dirty kitchen attracts pests, and your roommates definitely are not happy about it.


7. Sleep Deprivation


“The city that never sleeps” is a hyperbole. If you literally never sleep, you are going to die.


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