6 Outdoor Parties That Scream Summer In The City

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Cook Out NYC MDW Party On The Pier

The weather is splendid, new sundresses can be debuted, school’s almost out (for the lucky kiddos) and it’s finally acceptable to eat ice cream for at least one meal a day. Yup, summer’s just around the corner, so that means roof decks are opening and terraces are being delicately assembled for all your warm weather partying needs. Here are six outdoor celebrations that will leave you wishing that Memorial Day came even sooner.

1. Cook Out NYC: MDW Party On The Pier

Cook Out NYC: MDW Party On The Pier
The ultimate Memorial Day Weekend BBQ is down at Stuyvesant Cove Park, where hungry New Yorkers can enjoy river views, craft beers and ciders, live music and unlimited grilled cheese and lobster rolls. Take me to the river!

2. Outdoor Party: Sunday Funday

Cook Out NYC MDW Party On The Pier
Quiet Clubbing meets the great outdoors at this silent disco that allows you to put on your headphones, select your music and groove to the beat of your own drum, all against the backdrop of the towering Midtown skyscrapers. It’s the one time you and your friends won’t have to fight over a music venue.

3. Luxe Yacht Party Under the Stars

Luxe Yacht Party Under the Stars
Take your partying to uncharted waters with Zephyr Cruise Lines, a one-of-a-kind luxury yacht that brings three floors of DJs, drinks and dancing to the East River. I’ll take my whiskey with a view Lady Liberty, please!

4. Rooftop Reds Tour & Wine Tasting

If you haven’t quite gotten those sea legs, head down to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where you can find world’s first commercially-viable rooftop vineyard. That’s right, someone is growing wine from a 14,800 square foot Brooklyn roof, and you can take in the views with tastings and 20% off its delicious urban reds. Cheers to that!

5. Seafood Luau With a View

Seafood Luau With a View
Maui meets Manhattan in this seafood luau with a view. Tiki it up with unlimited lobster, shrimp, shellfish, chicken, rice and vegetables, all before you try your hand (or hip) at limbo and get lei’d. Oh, and there’s also a complimentary cocktail involved, so come say aloha to this fantabulous Sunday afternoon.

6. Hoboken Kickoff to Summer Bar Crawl

It’s finally time to enjoy a pub crawl without freezing your ass off. Celebrate theses sunny days with exclusive drink specials and giveaways from some of Hoboken’s most exciting bars like the Ale House, The Dubliner and City Bistro. Is it possible to have a summer fling with craft cocktails?…

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