6 breathtaking places in New York that will impress your date

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Dating in NewYork

Dating is never easy, especially not in a city as big and as busy as New York. Finding a date at all is almost impossible, but if you’re lucky enough to have a significant other… where should you go that will leave a lasting impression? Whether you just swiped right, or you’re celebrating your anniversary, here are our top picks to impress your date in New York!


1.Party on a luxury Yacht!

The Zephyr
Few things will impress your boo like a few drinks on a luxury yacht as it cruises around NYC. A cruise on the Zephyr is one-of-a-kind experience. Multi-climate-controlled decks, elegant amenities and spectacular sights makes this date perfect to melt even the coldest of hearts. Take advantage of a special offer to get tickets for only 25€.


2. High Line

The High Line
Let’s not underestimate the power of a lunch date. If the weather is nice, and you feel like making a little extra effort, treat your special-someone to an urban picnic on the High Line.

If picnics aren’t your bag you can always enjoy a little stargazing on the High Line. Use high powered telescopes belonging to the Amateur Astronomers Association to explore the universe. More information on Stargazing at the High Line can be found here.


3. Rooftop drinks on Hudson Terrace

Take out your date
Manhattan is dotted with chic rooftop venues, this is one of our favorites. Whether you want intimate interiors, rooftop cocktails or a nightclub vibe, Hudson Terrace has you covered. Perfect for every kind of date, from tinder fling to romantic evening.


4. Mount Vernon Murder Mystery

Mount Vernon
Do you want to show your date an unforgettable evening? Then let’s take them somewhere out of the ordinary! The Mount Vernon Murder Mystery takes you on a candle-lit tour around the museum as you solve a murder based on real historic newspaper articles. But don’t worry, it’s not 100% Sherlock Holmes and magnifying glasses, the game ends with a wine reception in the hotel’s private gardens, the perfect pre-romance icebreaker.


5. Nitehawk Cinema

NiteHawk Cinema
Does the idea of first date small-talk over dinner fill you with dread? Well Nitehawk has masterfully merged dinner and a movie into one seamless activity, with dinner and drinks served table-side as you watch your movie. With everything from cult classics to modern indie masterpieces, Nitehawk Cinema has everything you need to make your cinefile lover swoon.


6. Boating in Central Park

Boating in Central Park
Call me a hopeless romantic, but we have to end on a classic! What better way to get a little privacy in the big city than boating in Central Park? As we said before, daytime dates are priceless, with one of the most iconic parks in the world on our doorstep, let’s use it!

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