5 Things To Do In NYC To Recover From Christmas

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

5 Things To Do In NYC To Recover From Christmas


Christmas is hard—annoying relatives, cooking and cleaning, gifts you didn’t want that you now have to return. If you need an activity to wind down after the holiday, here are five things you can do:


1. Take A Cruise

Go sailing on Hornblower’s early evening cruise the day after Christmas. The weather will still be relatively mild so you won’t be too chilly, and spiked cider will be served to keep you warm and happy. You can get tickets for only $15 on the Fever app.


2. Take A Bike Ride

[Central Park Bike and Roll]
[Central Park Bike and Roll]
A bike rental in Central Park normally costs $15, but on Fever you get rent a bike and a helmet for only $12. Take a ride through one of the most beautiful parts of the city to wind down after a long celebration.


3. Go To A Concert

cheap concert cover photo

Listening to some good music is a great way to wind down. Check out a jazz concert on Sunday at the Groove, a favorite among locals for funk rhythm, and blues. Or, get a ticket to see see Peter Calo at Cafe Wha on Saturday. Calo has played alongside James Taylor, created national jingles and film scores, and has been featured in the Broadway hit “Hairspray.


4. Go To A Comedy Show

eastville comedy club
[Eligible Magazine]
EastVille Comedy Club is featuring Carmen Lynch from Letterman and Aaron Berg from Skins on Saturday. It only costs $5 to get a ticket for two people, so you and a friend/significant other/parent should definitely take advantage.


5. Drunk Shakespeare

If you haven’t yet seen this brilliant theatrical creation, see it. After five shots of whiskey, each actor transforms the plays into a raucous, revolutionary, and brilliant performance full of linguistic fancy and excellent storytelling. Tickets are available on Fever.


Cover photo credit: Bob Jagendorg/Flickr