5 Things To Do In NYC That You Cannot Do Anywhere Else

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

5 Things To Do In NYC That You Cannot Do Anywhere Else


While your friends who still live in their tiny, podunk hometowns are telling you, “I went to IHOP this weekend,” you could be saying, “I took a samurai sword fighting class.” When you live in one of the biggest and most diverse cities in the world, you can pretty much try something new every single day. Give one of these things a try week:


1. Sleep No More

sleep no more

If you haven’t been to this one yet, go. Sleep No More is an adapted version of MacBeth with no dialogue, and the audience members can choose which characters they want to follow through the various rooms. It’s like a haunted house combined with a sophisticated play.


2. Stripper Strength: Erotic Fitness Class

pole dancing

You may not be making six figures after your first class, but you’ll be feeling it in every muscle of your body. You’ll have some serious respect for erotic dancers after you finish this session. Download the Fever app to sign up for a discount ticket to the Tuesday class.


3. Samurai Sword Fighting Class

samurai sword fighting

Okay, this is a pretty sick find. Samurai sword fighting is all about combining agility and mindfulness to conquer your enemies. Plus it’s super cool. Buy tickets here.


4. The Black And The Jew Go Buddhist

the black and the jew

Just look at the title of this show and tell us it sounds like it could happen anywhere except NYC. It’s a heartfelt and hilarious story told by two NYC comedians about their 27-year marriage. Tickets normally go for $15, but on Fever you can get them for only $10.


5. The Spa Castle

spa castle

The Spa Castle has a quiet location up in Queens, and a more accessible one in Manhattan. Each has multiple luxurious saunas and spa pools. One of the saunas in the Queens location is lined with tiles made of real gold (it’s supposed to help you reach an energy balance). If you’re able and willing to make the drive, you can also sit in a rooftop pool and actually see the stars.