5 Movie Scenes Shot In NYC You Wouldn’t Dare Reenact

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5 Movie Scenes Shot In NYC You Wouldn’t Dare Reenact

Let’s not pretend that walking past some of NYC’s more famous filming locations doesn’t give you a little tingle of excitement. We’ve all sipped a coffee outside Tiffany’s like Audrey Hepburn when we thought no one was looking. And you’d be lying if you said you’ve never stolen a little girl’s Barbie and thrown a few paper planes around on top of the Empire State Building thinking you’re King Kong. But here’s a few you might not have built up the confidence to try yet…

1. Doing “that” scene from When Harry Met Sally at Katz’s Delicatessen

When Harry Met Sally
Considering there’s a sign hanging above the table at this NYC deli where Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal starred in this classic scene (it reads: “Where Harry Met Sally. Hope you have what she had”), it may not be such a secret. But have you had the nerve to get vocal at the only eatery in the world where you can fake a loud orgasm and probably not garner too much attention? Go on, we dare you!

Where?: 205 E Houston St

2. Playing Chopsticks outside FAO Schwarz

Big piano Chopsticks
You may not know that the famous scene from Big in which Tom Hanks dances on the big floor piano was filmed at this New York toy store because, sadly, FAO Schwarz closed its doors last year due to high Manhattan rents. But we defy anyone to walk past this former toy mecca without playing a little air-piano outside in tribute to this classic family flick. Sure, hardened New Yorkers will groan at your cliché tourist behaviour, but I think we all know it’s worth it.

Where?: 767 5th Ave

3. A little ghostbusting in New York Public Library

Suck in the guts, head up the stone steps past the majestic lion statues (who are apparently named Patience and Fortitude – who knew!) and you could come face to face with a “full torso apparition”. Best not to stick around long enough for the librarian to realise you’re not there to bone up on 19th century literature. Shout “get her!”, take the mandatory spooky selfie and hot foot it out of there! (Legal disclaimer: This blog is purely for entertainment value. We would never be irresponsible enough to recommend such childish behaviour).

Where: 5th Ave at 42nd St

4. Protecting your modesty on the subway grate from The Seven Year Itch

If there’s a better way to impress a date while walking home in NYC, we haven’t found it yet. Don your billowiest frock (perhaps a baggy shirt will do for the gentlemen) and try to stay as classy as Marilyn while God-knows-what blows up at you from the murky depths of the city. Underwear not optional.

Where: Lexington Avenue at 52nd Street

5. Shouting “I’m walking here!” like Dustin Hoffman

Chances are, this is one you may have been forced into at some point. In fact, in the film Midnight Cowboy, Dustin Hoffman’s altercation with the taxi driver in which the infamous line “I’m walking here” was shouted is entirely improv. Hoffman stayed in character as Rizzo and pulled it off as the scene appeared unedited in the movie. But you are not Dustin Hoffman. Take extreme care as we both know that in real life you’re more likely to end up like Will Ferrell in Elf.

Where? 58th Street and 6th Avenue.


Featured image credit: Columbia Pictures

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