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5 Fun Things To Do In NYC That Don’t Involve Alcohol

By Katherine Ripley

5 Fun Things To Do In NYC That Don’t Involve Alcohol

Dry doesn’t have to mean boring. If you’re doing Dry January, try one of these five fun activities:


1. Go Ice Skating

[Young Sok Yun/Flickr]
[Young Sok Yun/Flickr]
There are tons of ice skating rinks in NYC. The rink in Bryant Park offers free admission; you only have to pay for skate rentals. After you finish your skate, warm up with a hot chocolate and a pastry for only 6 dollars at Victory Garden (offer only available on Fever).


2. See An Interesting Art Exhibit

[Paul Saad/Flickr]
[Paul Saad/Flickr]
The Met and the MoMA are always fun, but there are lots of weird art exhibitions in other galleries. This week Fairy Tale Fashion, literally a history of the fashion in fairy tales and inspired by fairy tales, is on display in the museum at FIT OBSOLETE. Another good one is House of Bricks, by Pakistani artist Noor Ali Chagani, at Leila Heller Gallery in Chelsea.


3. Go Shopping

[Murdo Macleod/The Guardian]
[Murdo Macleod/The Guardian]
Artists and Fleas is a weekly flea market in Chelsea where artists and artisans are selling their work, and live music is playing. You can also check out Winter Village in Bryant Park, which has the benefit of being in the same place as the skating rink.



4. See Off-Broadway Theater

off broadway cover

There is a never-ending supply of theater in NYC, but this week we’d recommend The Accidental Pervert, a hilarious story about what happens when a kid discovers his father’s porn collection. Tickets only 20 dollars if you buy on Fever, and they usually cost twice that. Another one to check out at the same theater is Big Dummy, a heartfelt comedy about dads and daughters. Tickets for that one are only 15 dollars on Fever.


5. Check Out AMNH’s New Dinosaur

The American Museum of Natural History just unveiled a new dinosaur skeleton that is so big, the whole thing doesn’t even fit in the exhibition room. The discovery of this dinosaur is so new, that its real name hasn’t even been revealed yet. Let the dino selfies begin.


Cover photo credit: Angela Rutherford/Flickr