This 92 Year Old Woman Has Held The Same Sign At NYC Pride For 40 Years

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This 92 Year Old Woman Has Held The Same Sign At NYC Pride For 40 Years

Pride has been a big deal in NYC since it began in 1970. It hosts events that inspire, educate, commemorate and celebrates the diverse LBGT community here in the city.

If you have ever attended the celebration, or scoured through photos of past events, you may recognize a sign that reads “I adore my lesbian daughters. Keep them safe.” The sign itself and the woman who carry’s it are somewhat iconic among attendees. Her name is Frances Goldin, and she’s New York City activist and literary agent focusing on pushing forward progressive works.

Goldin is 92 years old and as she recently told buzzfeed she’s been a part of Pride “Since the beginning of the parade, I’ve been going and waving my sign, […] It sort of hit a nerve with people, particularly those whose parents rejected them. The response to the sign is always so great — it urges me to keep going.”


Goldin will soon be the topic of a new documentary called “It Took 50“. The film documents her 50 year fight to save a section of the Lower East Side from development in the 1960s.

We’re proud the help bring to light the incredible work and tenacity of this truly iconic New Yorker.
Featured image source [enoughtohold/tumblr]
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