25 Thoughts You Have During A Night Out In The East Village

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

25 Thoughts You Have During A Night Out In The East Village


Every New Yorker has spent at least one night going out to bars in the East Village. Here are 25 thoughts you probably had during it:


1. This is where the cool kids go out, right?

2. It’s a little crowded. Should we have left earlier?

3. It’s not that crowded. Are we here too early?

5. This is far too many bars to choose from.

6. I don’t care where we go. Someone else decide.

7. Shit, I really don’t like it here but we can’t leave until everyone finishes their round.

8. There’s a club downstairs?!?!

9. Now this is crowded.

10. I love this song!

11. What is this song?

12. I haven’t heard this song since like 2007.

13. Do you think they’ll play Get Low?

14. To the windooooooooooow!

to the wall

15. Have I really spent all my cash already?

16. Guess I’m charging it for the rest of the night.

17. $30 minimum? I guess drinks are on me.

18. Or I could go to the sketchy ATM…

19. How is it 3am already?

20. I don’t think I’m gonna make it to work tomorrow morning.

21. One more round?

22. Who’s up for waffles?

23. Did I lose my phone again? No we’re good.

24. Just point me in the direction of Union Square and I’ll make it home.

25. So glad we decided not to go to Brooklyn.


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