25 Things You Realize During A Night Out In Brooklyn

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

25 Things You Realize During A Night Out In Brooklyn


Brooklyn has a pretty sweet nightlife scene. But if you’re more accustomed to Manhattan, you might not know what to expect. Here are 25 realizations you have while on a beautiful night out in Brooklyn:


1. Oh, there are trees.

2. And fresh air.

3. It actually doesn’t smell like burning garbage mixed with asphalt.

this is the best emma stone

4. But these bars are just as crowded as the ones in Manhattan.

5. This actually looks pretty much just like Manhattan.

6. Oh, that’s because it’s Williamsburg.

7. So…there’s no rooftop bars?

britney spears confused

8. How about a VIP line?

9. I think I might be overdressed.

10. Why are so many people wearing ripped jeans and sneakers?

11. There sure are a lot of hipsters here.

hipsters everywhere

12. I’m not sure this is even a bar. It might be someone’s basement…

13. Happy hour ended four hours ago?

14. If they make a Manhattan cocktail, why don’t they make a “Brooklyn”?

15. Apparently not every bar in Brooklyn actually serves the Brooklyn Lager.

brooklyn lager

16. Living here wouldn’t be so bad.

17. Except it’s a much longer walk to the subway stop…

18. This is a pretty long subway ride home.

19. Is this what the commute is like for my Brooklyn friends every morning?

i acknowledge your pain20. Oh crap, I have to pee.

21. Maybe I should have stayed at that guy’s/gal’s place just so I could go to bed sooner.

22. And so I could use the bathroom there…

23. This subway is pretty empty…

24. I guess most people are going from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

25. Going out in Manhattan is way easier.


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