25 Reasons We’ll Miss The Holiday Season In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Enjoy the jingle bells, Santa hats, ugly sweaters and reindeer antlers while you can. The holiday season is almost over! We can all find reasons why we hate the holidays, but here are 25 reasons we’ll miss them like crazy here in New York City:


1. The whole city gets decorated.

2. From Chinatown

3. To Little Italy

4. To Wall Street.

[Sharon Terry/Flickr]
[Sharon Terry/Flickr]
5. Manhattan may as well just have one giant string of Christmas lights on it.

6. The island probably looks brighter from space this time of year.

manhattan from above

7. Central Park becomes a winter wonderland.

8. Which means great photo opps like this

9. And this

10. And this.

11. It’s a great time to fall in love.

12. Or rekindle the love you’ve already started.

13. You have a plethora of ice skating rinks to choose from.

ice skating

14. You can see Christmas-themed performances like The Nutcracker.

[Michael O'Brien/Flickr]
[Michael O’Brien/Flickr]
15. Or just listen to carolers.

[Used York City]
[Used York City]
16. There are always sales going on.

[Pete Bellis]
[Pete Bellis]
17. So you can get into the spirit of giving.

18. And getting presents isn’t so bad either.

19. You’ll have no shortage of holiday/tacky sweater parties to attend.

20. And no shortage of eggnog to drink.

21. Christmas music is all around you.


22. As is joy and cheer and happiness.


23. Because everyone is in the Christmas spirit.

24. Or at least, everyone should be.

25. So revel in it because it’s almost over.



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