22 Struggles of Being Single In The City

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

22 Struggles of Being Single In The City


Being single sucks. Especially in this city. Here are 22 things you’re struggling with if flying solo:


1. When all your friends have boyfriends or girlfriends

2. And they all have plans with them on the same night

3. So either you’re stuck staying in on a Friday. A Friday.

4. Or you go out with them and you’re the 5th, 7th, 9th…wheel

anderson cooper drinking gif

5. Strangers trying to get up on you in the club

6. And it’s too loud and dark to try and find someone you actually like

7. Tinder is a crap shoot


8. I mean, come on, there are 8 million people in this city

9. OkCupid is a little better

10. But then again maybe not


11. You might find someone really hot but they’re all the way up in the Bronx

12. You have no one to take you out for a romantic dinner

13. No one to take you on a romantic boat cruise

14. No one to share a crepe with. So you eat a crepe by yourself and then you feel sad and bloated.

15. You can’t do a couples Halloween costume

[Nathan Rupert]
[Nathan Rupert]
16. When you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and see all the couples holding hands

17. Ditto with Central Park

18. When you’re trying to take a picture of the Empire State Building and you have to wait until people are done macking

19. SMH for people who make out on the subway

[Runs With Scissors/Flickr]
[Runs With Scissors/Flickr]
20. The holiday season is especially depressing

21. And don’t even get us started on Valentine’s day

22. Fuck this LOVE statue


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