21 Times Spongebob Perfectly Summed Up Life In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Times Spongebob Perfectly Summed Up Life In NYC


Spongebob is life.


1. How you feel on a busy day

spongebob busy

2. Trying to get your life together

spongebob clueless

3. Trying to find your MetroCard

spongebob bags

4. When the subway is delayed

spongebob angry 2

5. Or when you’re late for the subway

spongebob pants down

6. When someone shoves you getting off the train

spongebob tough

7. When you’re weaving in between the people in a crowd

spongebob weaving

8. When you’re sizing up someone who looks sketchy

spongebob sizing up

9. When you’re trying to get a cab

patrick legs

10. When your best friend comes to visit

spongebob and patrick bounce

11. Every night out

spongebob drunk

12. When no one else in the club can handle your dance moves

spongebob dance

13. When all your friends are getting hit on, and you’re not

spongebob ugly and proud

14. When you wake up after a long night out

spongebob water

15. Going to work hungover

spongebob hungover

16. When someone offers you a free meal

spongebob eating2

17. When you find a great deal on Fever

spongebob celebrate

18. When the holiday season comes around

spongebob holidays

19. When you get a bonus at work

mr krabs money

20. When you realize someone in the building across from you has been creeping on you

spongebob peeping

21. Trying to have fun on a budget

spongebob low budget fun


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