21 Struggles Every New York Woman Will Understand

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Struggles Every New York Woman Will Understand


Am I right, ladies?


1. Shopping on a budget

2. Finding shoes that are stylish and functional

3. The peril of loose skirts and subway grates

4. The peril of heels and subway grates

subway grate

5. Sharing a tiny bathroom with roommates

6. When the humidity ruins your hair

7. …that you got cut at a salon for $80, not including tip

8. Digging for your MetroCard at the bottom of your bag

9. Applying eyeliner on the subway

subway etiquette cover

10. Dating someone who literally always works late

11. Dating in general

12. Being single

13. When creepy guys try to get up on you in the club

in the club

14. Finding a bathroom

15. When you can’t find a bathroom and you have to squat

16. When the club bathroom is nasty and you have to squat

17. And on top of that there’s no toilet paper, soap, or paper towels

gross public bathroom

18. Going home alone

19. Walking alone in general

20. Getting catcalled

21. Manspreading


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