21 Signs You’ve Been Cursed By The NYC Gods

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Signs You’ve Been Cursed By The NYC Gods


Sometimes, it’s just not your day. Here are some signs that you may have done something to displease the New York City gods:


1. Every subway train you try to get pulls away just as your cross the turnstile

2. Subways are delayed and you’re waiting 20 minutes for a train

3. It’s 2am, you’re trying to get home, and your subway train isn’t even running at your stop

[New York Times]
[New York Times]
4. You drop your phone down a sewer grate

5. You lose your Metrocard

6. ^And it still has at least 2 weeks left on it

7. You check the weather in the morning, but it still rains

[Daily Mail]
[Daily Mail]
8. You had three different plans for tonight and they all fell through

9. You go underground just as your friend texts you to say everyone is actually meeting downtown, not uptown

10. The sidewalk is closed on both sides of the street

12. The guy just in front of you in line gets the 100th free doughnut for the grand opening of the new doughnut shop

13. ^Ditto for the last ticket to Shakespeare In The Park

14. Your toilet breaks on a Saturday at 9pm

15. You discover too late that the place you ordered Chinese from has actually had several health department violations

bad chinese food
16. Someone forgot to hang a “wet paint” sign

17. You find out from Twitter that Beyonce walked by Macy’s 10 minutes after you left

18. The hole in the wall where you always get your coffee didn’t make it

store closed permanently


19. Your landlord suddenly decides to start enforcing the “no pets” rule

20. Your heat breaks on the coldest day of the winter

21. That cliche puddle splash when a truck drives by

drive by splash


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